Little Deuce Tribute- Part 2
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Little Deuce Tribute Part 2

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After winning the Oswego track championship and the Eastern states 100,in '65,it was on to U.S.A.C. for Ron Lux.

Ronnie in Clyde Gutzweilers 63 at Winchester-1966

The end of the line for Ronnie
This guy tried hard. He was a great racer and was headed for the big time-but fate had other plans.

Remember Bentley in the 01? The left front was never on the ground!
After trying Ron Wallace,Art Bennett,Jim Gresley & Bob Smith,Howard Purdy put Bentley in the Deuce-after all,he was recommended by Lux himself!

Bentley's first feature at Oswego was the fall championship
Bentley's first feature never made a weekly program because it was the last race of the year!-but this pic will do! He also got the outside pole for the classic-all he needed was a break!

1969-a great year for Bentley and the Deuce
Winner of the July 4th Grand Prix,the Classic,the Fall Championship and features everywhere-U.S.A.C. was calling!

1970-Bentley on the champ trail
Ben in the Vatis 94-His rookie year was spent at some of the toughest tracks-Langhorne,Trenton&Dover.
He came real close to qualifing at Indy-back when it was a real feat for a rookie to qualify.He also did duty in the Vatis dirt car-this was when you had to be a real racer!

Three of the best Oswego Graduates
Sammy Sessions,Gordy Johncock and Bentley-Langhorn 1970